Since 2011, GCTA has made more than 50 presentations to schools and children's groups and partnered with fifteen schools to add tennis to the PE curriculum.  Through our Schools Initiative, we have helped raise more than $35,000 in funds used to purchase tennis equipment for schools.  We have hosted an Educator's In-Service for 30 professional educators and presented at HomeSchool associations.  If you are an educator or a parent interested in adding tennis to your school's PE curriculum, we encourage you to contact us.  This program is open to any organized children's program, including church youth groups, after school programs, and Scouting troops and packs. 

Coach Adam Jackson, 423-444-6570, can organize a day of PE at your school, demonstrating how tennis can easily fit in your academic curriculum.  Coach Jackson will schedule a day or part of a day and bring some of his college athletes to organize and present the sport.  We bring everything - balls, portable nets, racquets, hoppers, and instruction materials.  You provide the venue and the students!

Helen Smith, 423-329-3847, can help you identify the tennis equipment needed for your PE program, make a budget for the equipment, and find the funds to purchase tennis equipment for your school.  We piece grants together from different sources and match it with buy in from your school.  The typical school budget for tennis equipment is $1,500 and we expect each school to buy in with $500.  PTSOs, booster clubs, discretionary funds, and private donations usually meet the 1/3 match from the school.  Helen will also link you to prepared tennis curriculum materials including lesson plans, station cards, and instructional videos.  

GCTA plans to create a network of schools in Greeneville and Greene County which teach tennis at least once every academic year and which distributes our informational literature to students.  Each school which joins our network receives the equipment, teaching materials, and a three-year organizational membership in the USTA, which creates a continuous source of information and resources.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Here are the schools which have participated in our Schools Initiative:  Baileyton Elementary, Camp Creek and Chuckey Elementary Schools, Chuckey Doak Middle School, Heritage Home Scholars,  Mosheim School (Middle and Elementary), Doak, Eastview, Hal Henard, Highland Year Round, Ottway, Tusculum View, and West Pines elementary schools, Towering Oaks Christian School, and North Greene and Chuckey-Doak High Schools.  We have also partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Greeneville and Greene Countyand Baileyton United Methodist Church.