Tennis Center Rules

Tennis Center Rules

The following tennis court rules and regulations have been adopted by the Greene County Tennis Association for the public facility located at 1209 Hal Henard Rd. in Greeneville, Tennessee, pursuant to the Joint Management Agreement between the association, the Town of Greeneville, and Greene County. 

·         Court rules apply to all tennis players regardless of age or skill level. 

·         Any misunderstanding or disputes regarding these rules shall be resolved by the Greene County Tennis Association board of directors, with appeal rights to the Greeneville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. 

·         Please direct any questions about the rules and report any instances of misuse of the tennis center to Helen Smith, 423-329-3847.

1. Everyone must wear appropriate tennis shoes to enter the courts.  No one may enter the court unless s/he is wearing tennis shoes with rubber soles.  No bare feet, heels, flip-flops, sandals or other inappropriate footwear are allowed.   The association strongly encourages all players to wear socks and tennis-playing shoes to minimize injuries.

2. The only activity allowed on the courts is tennis.  No bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, baseball, softball, Frisbee, hockey, soccer, or other activities are allowed.  You may use only tennis balls and approved tennis instructional materials on the courts.  If you are unsure what is approved, ask the persons designated below.

3. Animals are not permitted on the court at any time.

4. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed on the courts.

5. Sitting, pushing, and pulling on tennis nets and tennis fences is prohibited.

6. Do not move the tennis benches without permission from the association.  The center is subject to sudden windstorms, and benches can aggravate wind damage if they are left in the wrong place.

7. Climbing on fences, hitting or kicking balls into fences, or running into fences is prohibited.

8. Tennis etiquette, as set forth in the USTA rules or the USTA publication Friend at Court, shall prevail at all times.  You may obtain a copy of either publication from the association for a small fee.

9. No signage is allowed without express permission from the association.  No one is allowed to hang signs, attach items, or change the appearance of the center without permission from the association.

10. The Town of Greeneville and Greene County prohibit the use of the tennis center for private tennis instruction for pay or compensation.  You may obtain organized instruction through the association.

11. Place trash in the designated trash receptacles located outside the court areas.

12. Play is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  When others are waiting to play, court time is limited to 1.5 hours for singles play and 2.0 hours for doubles play.  Programs and events which are scheduled by the GCTA have priority over other use.

13. Players are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire at all times.  All players must wear shirts and shorts/skirts/dresses/pants.  No bathing suits, belly shirts, midriffs, tubetops, or the like are allowed.

14. Do not use foul or loud language.  Do not throw racquets, balls, or other equipment in anger.

15. If you damage the tennis center, you will be held financially responsible for the damage and repair.  You may also be prohibited from further use of the tennis center.  Do not attempt to repair damage to the tennis center; instead, report it immediately to Helen Smith, 423-329-3847.

16. Players assume all risks associated with play.

17. Private rent of the tennis center is prohibited.

18. The tennis center falls within the protection of the Tennessee Tobacco Youth Protection Act because it is a public facility jointly owned by the Town of Greeneville and Greene County.  Youth are not allowed to smoke at the center and may face criminal prosecution if they smoke at the center.  Adults who smoke are asked to place butts in the trash receptacles.

19. Court Nos. 7 and 8 are Har-Tru (clay) surfaces, which require special care and expense.  The costs of maintaining these two courts is approximately $2,000 per year, which must be generated by the association.  The following rules apply especially to the use of Court Nos. 7 and 8.

a. Shoes with deep cleats or knobby surfaced soles (such as running shoes) degrade the clay surface and are not allowed on clay.
b. When you finish playing on the Har-Tru court, it is your responsibility to sweep the entire court surface so that it is ready for play by the next players.  This involves sweeping the court with the brush, and sweeping the lines with the linesweeper.  If you fail to prepare the court when you finish playing, you may be prohibited from further use of the clay courts.
c. If you play on a Har-Tru Court more than once a year, the association asks that you join the association (currently $20 per year) and pay $50 per year for clay court maintenance.  Payment of this $70 will entitle you to receive access to the clay courts, which is controlled.  The $50 will be dedicated for clay court maintenance. Please call Tamara Hartman at 423-552-3582 to obtain access.
d. The association and the center are not designed to be used as a training center by league or recreational teams.  If your team wishes to use the clay courts, we ask that you contact Tamara Hartman at 423-552-3582 for information.  Basically, in order to reserve the clay courts for use by a team, the team will be required to schedule use and pay an hourly fee of $20 per court per hour in advance.  

e. The Greeneville-Greene County Tennis Center has the only two public clay courts in east Tennessee.   Private clubs do not allow clay courts to be rented and deny access to non-members.  Public courts need funds for maintenance, and we receive no public funds to maintain the two clay courts.  We encourage everyone who uses the Har-Tru Court to join the association and pay the $50 annual fee.  If you are not a member of the association and have not paid the $50 annual fee, we ask that you pay the hourly fee.      

20. The association reserves the right to amend these rules as needed.

Adopted November 19, 2006 and amended July 25, 2007.
Greene County Tennis Association Board of Directors